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Monday, February 08, 2016

L'Oreal and Programmatic Digital Advertising

We did early work in this area.  By analytically matching advertising to predicted outcomes based on costs.   Essentially a big data optimization problem.   This worked for about a decade, but eventually the idea was outsourced.   We are now in different times, especially with regard to the amount of data we have.   In Adage:

L'Oreal USA Looks to Bring Programmatic Trading In-House
Beauty Giant Would Follow P&G and Others Amid Industry Concerns

L'Oreal USA looks to be the latest big marketer set to bring programmatic digital trading in house, soon after concluding its North American media review.

The company has posted a job listing for an assistant VP of Precision Advertising Information Technology with experience overseeing data management platforms and demand-side platforms used to build in-house trading desks. The person is to work with the company's chief marketing officer team and brand media leaders to identify "which platforms will be trialed and then scaled for broad use to achieve precision buying and tracking of media buys." .... ' 

See the programmatic ad buying tag below for much more.

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