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Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Connecting Designers and Developers

In The Verge: 
" ... after Etsy completed an IPO that valued it at $3.5 billion, the craft marketplace is expanding. The company is introducing Etsy Manufacturing, a new service that will link Etsy sellers — who often make items by hand — with small manufacturing companies. The operation is designed to help both sellers who've found success but have little time to fulfill larger orders, and smaller manufacturers, some of whom have lost business to huge manufacturers in countries where labor is cheaper.

Starting Monday, manufacturers will be able to create a profile on Etsy, part of a beta program for the new service during which the company will collate their details. Sellers will eventually be able to search through these manufacturers by criteria such as price, location, and the manufacturing services they offer. Etsy will review the applications of manufacturers, checking up on their size, their commitment to transparency, and how much work they themselves outsource, but the marketplace won't actively visit or vet the successful applicants. Instead, it demands that manufacturers featured commit to providing a safe work space and are transparent about their manufacturing processes.  ... " 

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