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Thursday, May 11, 2023

How To Delete Your Data From ChatGPT

Important and becoming more important issue.   


How To Delete Your Data From ChatGPT,  By Wired, May 10, 2023

Sending data to the trash.

OpenAI has introduced tools and processes that allow people more control over at least some of their data.

There's a chance that ChatGPT knows personal details about you—and if it doesn't, it might just make something up. As OpenAI's generative text chatbot has boomed in popularity over the past six months, the risks of the system being trained on data vacuumed up from the web have become clearer.

Data regulators around the world are investigating issues with how OpenAI gathered the data it uses to train its large language models, the accuracy of answers it provides about people, and other legal concerns about the use of its generative text systems. Europe's data regulators have joined forces to look at OpenAI after Italy temporarily banned ChatGPT from the country. And Canada is also investigating the technology's potential privacy risks.

In Europe, GDPR laws require companies and organizations to demonstrate lawful reasons for handling people's personal information and to let people access information about them, be informed of how their information is used, and demand that errors be rectified. In some cases, they can ask that certain types of data be erased. The way people's personal information has been used in training data has been an early area of concern for EU regulators.

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