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Friday, May 26, 2023

Return to the Office Has Stalled

Clearly the case, the future?

The Return to the Office Has Stalled

By The Wall Street Journal May 23, 2023

Hybrid work has become the norm for many employers.

When average city office-occupancy rates at the start of the year surpassed 50% for the first time since the pandemic, many viewed the milestone as a sign that employees were resuming their former work habits.

But those office-usage rates have barely budged as most companies have settled into a hybrid work strategy that shows little sign of fading.

About 58% of companies allow employees to work a portion of their week from home, according to Scoop Technologies. The number of companies that require employees to be in the office full time has actually declined to 42%, from 49% three months ago, Scoop said.

"Employees are saying we are going to push really, really hard against being required to be in the office five days a week," said Robert Sadow, Scoop's chief executive and co-founder. "Most companies in the current labor market have been reluctant to push [back] that hard."

From The Wall Street Journal  

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