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Wednesday, May 31, 2023

TeslaBots Emergent Next year?

Just watched an interview with Musk.   Using come of the tech from the car.

Tesla Robot: News, Rumors, and Estimated Price, Release Date, and Specs

Yes, it's real. Here's the prototype of the $20,000 Tesla robot.   Companions, Help-mates and more?

By Tim Fisher  In Lifewire, Updated on May 17, 2023

The Latest News

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has confirmed that a humanoid robot called Optimus is under development, with the goal of eventually being able to do "anything that humans don’t want to do." While it may seem unrealistic, a prototype of the robot has already been unveiled.

When Will the Tesla Robot Be Released?

The Tesla Bot was first announced at Tesla's AI Day 2021, and the prototype (what Musk calls their "rough, development robot", pictured below) was revealed on September 30, at AI Day 2022. As bizarre as it sounds to have a live-in robot at your disposal to perform "repetitive or boring" tasks for you, it is a real product the company is working on.

One indicator this is something they're committing to invest in is that they're actively looking for help making it. There are several job listings on Tesla's website for engineers, managers, architects, and more to work on the Optimus team, so unlike the Tesla Phone and other ideas that have remained concepts, this appears to be a project they're really considering.

Assuming the Tesla robot will actually be available one day, there's still no telling when that might be. Are Musk and the team behind the robot interested in bringing it to life? It looks that way. But even if they are, managing expectations about a real release is important.

Like many companies with grand ideas, Tesla has a history of pushing back launch dates and making it seem like a really cool product is just around the corner. One example of this is the Tesla snake charger advertised in 2015, which several years later, Musk is still saying we'll see one day.

But if it means anything, Musk is on record saying he's hopeful that production for the first version of Optimus will commence in 2023. Long term, he says the robot "will be more valuable than the car." It'll likely start off as a factory product that assists in the production line and ultimately help with labor shortages, before maybe one day moving into our homes.

Lifewire's Release Date Estimate

At AI Day 2022, the prototype of Optimus was showcased for the first time. Although it is possible that robotic assistance in factories could be available in the near future, we doubt that the robot is ready for use in residential settings.

Tesla Robot Price Rumors

At AI Day 2022, Musk said "it is expected to cost much less than a car," and went on to guess "probably less than $20,000."

This sounds reasonable, at least for a first model. A robot meant to do anything on its own, even if it's menial tasks, will obviously carry a hefty price tag. With variation (if there will be any), depending on the model you choose, we can see this fluctuating a bit. We might even see leasing options.

Elon Musk even suggests that the price will fall in the future:

Perhaps in less than a decade, people will be able to buy a robot for their parents as a birthday gift. ... ' 

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