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Saturday, May 20, 2023

Plugin Possibility Examples

 Plugin Possibilities

The ideas of using plugins with ChatGBT is interesting, and potentially powerful. Here is a list from Linkedin. as examples  of the possibilities.  It is corrently pointed out that the correctness of such offerings is not certain.

 This is a game-changer! ChatGPT Plugins are now available to everyone  Contact us if you made a great AI tool to be featured:


1. Zapier: Interacting with apps like Google Sheets and Docs can be beneficial for data management and analysis.

2. Noteable: Creating notebooks in Python, SQL, and Markdown allows for exploring and visualizing data.

3. Wolfram: Accessing computation, math, curated knowledge, and real-time data can be valuable for financial calculations and research.

4. FiscalNote: Accessing real-time data sets for legal and political purposes can be relevant for understanding regulatory and policy changes that impact finance.

5. Portfoliopilot: This all-in-one investing guide can assist with portfolio management and investment Analysis.

6. Redfin and Zillow: These plugins can help with housing market research, which may be relevant for financial professionals involved in real estate investments or analysis.

ChatGPT-Plus users can use these features by clicking on their ChatGPT profile, pressing "Settings," and then going to the "Beta features" tab.


List of 30 plug ins and it's use cases:

And an article classifying them into 5 categories: https://lnkd.in/eu4tX9FU

1) Slack: Querying Slack

2) Tasty: Discover new recipes and meal plans that work for you.

3) Expedia: Bring your trip plans to life in one place

4) Klarna Shopping: Search and compare prices from 1000s of online shops.

5) Vogue: Search through vogue articles

6) TODO plugin: Manage a TO-DO list in ChatGPT

7) Lowes: Find the right tools for all of your home building needs.

8) Speechki: Just simply ask ChatGPT to turn your text into audio

9) FigGPT: Design using Figma in ChatGPT

10) Argil Ai: Generate images in ChatGPT

11) KAYAK: Plan & book your next trip in ChatGPT

12) LangChain Docs: Up to date info for the LangChain Python library.

13) Weather report: Get up to date weather data on every city within seconds

14) Crypto Prices: Get the price on any crypto

15) NBA: Up-to-date NBA standings & Stats

16) Qdrant: Plugin to search through Qdrants documentation

17) Open Table: Search and get booking at restaurants anywhere, anytime.

18) Zilliz Plugin: Search through your documentation and talk to it.

19) Wolfram: Access computation, math, curated knowledge and real time data

20) Pricerunner: Get the perfect shopping suggestions

21) DesignerGPT: Generate a website within ChatGPT

22) Milo Family AI: Turn any 20 minites with your kids into magic

23) Chess: Play chess in ChatGPT

24) Instacart: Order groceries from your near by store

25) Send Email: Send the perfect emails through ChatGPT

26) Redfin: Do housing market research for your next house or investment.

27) DAN: Change ChatGPT’s personality

28) United Nations: Search through select UN documents

29) Kraftful: Quickly get product-market fit, scale your user base and grow revenue

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