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Wednesday, May 31, 2023

City Council Votes to Accept Controversial LAPD Robot Dog

Not what I expected,  but very much needed,    but how long will it last?

City Council Votes to Accept Controversial LAPD Robot Dog

Los Angeles Times

Brittny Mejia; Libor Jany; David Zahniser, May 23, 2023

The Los Angeles City Council voted to accept the donation of almost $280,000 from the Los Angeles Police Foundation to fund the purchase of a robot dog for use by the Los Angeles Police Department. The department will be required to issue quarterly reports detailing where and why the device was deployed, the outcome of each deployment, and whether any issues occurred. The 70-pound robot dog, called Spot, can climb stairs, open doors, and navigate difficult terrain. Spot is controlled via a tablet-like device, features 360-degree cameras to record its surroundings, and transmits real-time data to officers. The department said the robot would be used only in situations involving the SWAT team and to keep officers out of harm's way.

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