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Tuesday, May 23, 2023

AI Powers Second-Skin-Like Wearable Tech

Biometric signals,

 AI Powers Second-Skin-Like Wearable Tech

Monash University (Australia),  May 19, 2023

Scientists at Australia's Monash University and the Melbourne Center for Nanofabrication integrated nanotechnology and artificial intelligence (AI) into an ultra-thin skinpatch that monitors 11 biometric signals. The researchers engineered the Deep Hybrid-Spectro frequency/amplitude-based neural network to track multiple biometrics transmitted by the skinpatch in a single signal. Monash's Wenlong Cheng said the layered, neck-worn patch can measure speech, neck movement, touch, respiration, and heart rate. Cheng explained, "Emerging soft electronics have the potential to serve as second-skin-like wearable patches for monitoring human health vitals, designing perception robotics, and bridging interactions between natural and artificial intelligence."


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