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Monday, May 22, 2023

AI Drug Discovery Is $50-Billion Opportunity for Big Pharma

AI Drug Discovery Is $50-Billion Opportunity for Big Pharma

By Bloomberg, May 18, 2023

Research firm Deep Pharma Intelligence estimates that investments in AI-driven drug discovery companies have tripled over the past four years, reaching $24.6 billion in 2022.

Credit: Michele Marconi

Drugmakers worldwide are adopting artificial intelligence (AI) in the hope of accelerating drug discovery and time to market while cutting costs.

Japan's Takeda Pharmaceutical utilizes AI and machine learning to identify the best molecules for targeting proteins and to comprehend disease characteristics and their variance among different patient populations.

Takeda bought a psoriasis drug that startup Nimbus Therapeutics' algorithm selected in just six months; Nimbus' Jeb Keiper said conventional discovery of the candidate molecule would take two years.

Takeda's Anne Heatherington said, "Any technology that unlocks cutting-edge skills for our employees, reduces manual work, takes the friction out of the system, and frees up time for greater scientific insight and discovery is vital."

Investment company Morgan Stanley estimates using AI in early-stage drug development could yield an additional 50 novel medications generating more than $50 billion in sales over the net decade.

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