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Thursday, May 25, 2023

Mojo Lang, New programming language

New to me, a superset of Python 

Mojo Lang: The New Programming Language

Introducing Mojo Lang, the new programming language designed as a superset of Python.

By Nisha Arya, KDnuggets on May 12, 2023 in Programming

Just when we thought things couldn’t shake up the tech industry anymore, welcome the new programming language that has been designed as a superset of the Python programming language.

Python still ranks high as one of the most popular programming languages due to its ability to create complex applications using simple and readable syntax. However, if you use Python, you know its biggest challenge is speed. Speed is an important element of programming, therefore does Python's great ability to produce complex applications with easy syntax dismiss its lack of speed? Unfortunately no. 

There are other programming languages such as C or C++, which have incredible speed, and higher performance in comparison to Python. Although Python is the most widely used programming language for AI, if speed is what you’re looking for, the majority of people stick with C, Rust, or C++.

But that may all change, with the new programming language Mojo Lang.

What is Mojo Lang?

The creator of Mojo Lang, Chris Latner, the creator of the Swift programming language and the LLVM Compiler Infrastructure has taken the usability of Python and merged it with the performance of the C programming language. This has unlocked a new level of programming for all AI developers with unparalleled programmability of AI hardware and the extensibility of AI models.

In comparison to Python, PyPy is ??22x, Scalar C++ is 5000x, and Mojo Lang is 35000x faster. 

Mojo Lang is a language that has been designed to program on AI hardware, such as GPUs running CUDA. It is able to achieve this by using Multi-Level Intermediate Representation (MLIR) to scale hardware types, without complexity. 

Mojo Lang is a superset of Python, which means that it does not require you to learn a new programming language. Handy, right? The base language is fully compatible with Python and allows you to interact with the Python ecosystem and make use of libraries such as NumPy.   ... '

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