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Thursday, November 10, 2022

Stock IOT


SES-imagotag Stock is a Pure Play on Retail IoT  in Nanalyze

One of the cool things about an investment research firm like Nanalyze is our longevity. We’ve been around for nearly 20 years now, and so we benefit from being able to draw on more than 2,200 research pieces. In effect, we have a unique dataset across a dozen emerging technology sectors. In that span of time, we’ve seen startups become multi-billion-dollar unicorns, eventually listing as a public company. We’ve watched companies pivot so many times that it makes you dizzy. And we’ve seen others evolve with interesting business models and technologies to match that they eventually create enough traction to merit a second look. Such is the case for a French company called SES-imagotag (SESL.PA), which has emerged to become the global leader in smart and connected digital labels and IoT solutions for physical retail locations.

About SES-imagotag Stock

We first covered this 30-year-old company way, way back in 2014 in which we referred to SES-imagotag as an e-ink pure play for retail stores. E-ink, more commonly referred to as e-paper, is the display technology for e-readers and also electronic shelf labels (ESLs), among other applications. E Ink (8069.TWO) is also the brand name of a Taiwanese company that is actually headquartered in the Boston area, as it was originally founded by some big brains from MIT. E Ink not only provides the ESL technology behind SES-imagotag’s retail IoT platform, it is also one of three principal shareholders in the company.   .... '   (much more) 

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