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Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Who is Responsible? Autopilot?

 More such events to follow and to be analyzed. 

Manslaughter Case Has a Strange Twist: Tesla That Killed Couple Was on Autopilot

By Futurism, November 2, 2022

A provocative manslaughter case is about to kick off in Los Angeles later this month, involving a fatal crash caused by a Tesla vehicle that had the company's controversial Autopilot feature turned on.

It's the first case of its kind, and one that could set a precedent for future crashes involving cars and driver-assistance software, Reuters reports.

We won't know the exact defense until the case gets under way, but the crux is that the man who was behind the wheel of the Tesla is facing manslaughter charges — but has pleaded not guilty, setting up potentially novel legal arguments about culpability in a deadly collision when, technically speaking, it wasn't a human driving the car.

From Futurism

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