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Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Drones on Strings as People Puppeteers?

 Quite new thought to me.  Though our look at group tasks for drones might have used this.

Drones on Strings Could Puppeteer People in VR

New Scientist, Matthew Sparkes, November 25, 2022

Researchers at Germany's Saarland University and Canada's University of Toronto have tested a system that uses a drone attached to a user’s finger via string to mimic the action of button-pushing in virtual reality. Saarland's Martin Feick said the challenges of maintaining the drone's stability while pulling the string include its tendency to oscillate or drift, while coordinating multiple drones so they do not crash or tangle up will be problematic. Feick acknowledged testing the drones safely with people is currently infeasible, so the researchers deployed nets to catch the drones. The drones also can produce distracting sounds and drafts, although Feick said soundless blade-free drones capable of ultrasonic levitation show potential.

Full article.

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