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Monday, November 28, 2022

How Generative AI Could Create Assets for the Metaverse

Have my doubts of how effectively , but interesting thought  ... 

How Generative AI could Create Assets for the Metaverse | Jensen Huang

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The metaverse skyrocketed into our collective awareness during the height of the pandemic, when people longed for better ways to connect with each other than video calls. Gaming’s hot growth during the pandemic also pushed it forward. But the metaverse became so trendy that it now faces a backlash, and folks aren’t talking about it as much.

Yet technologies that will power the metaverse are speeding ahead. One of those technologies is generative AI, which uses deep learning neural networks to produce creative concept art and other ideas based on simple text prompts. ... 

Jensen Huang, CEO of AI and graphics chip maker Nvidia, believes that generative AI will be transformational and it’s just getting started. One of its biggest applications could be with the metaverse, which has huge demands for content as developers need to fill out virtual worlds with 3D assets. And numerous companies like Stable Diffusion, Promethean AI and Ludo AI are using these technologies to automatically generate artwork and other assets for gaming and metaverse applications. Nvidia has its own research going on this front.

Many metaverse companies are hoping that generative AI will help provide the resources to help them build out their worlds. Huang believes you will see progress when you enter more and more prompts — such as text to flesh out a concept — and the concept imagery gets better and better. And he also believes that when it becomes reusable across different Omniverse applications, then it will be clear that generative AI has reached a more mature stage.


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I recently caught up with Huang for a short interview on the metaverse and gaming. Our GamesBeat Summit: Into the Metaverse 3 event is coming on February 1 to February 2.

Here’s an edited transcript of our interview: ...  

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