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Thursday, November 24, 2022

Seoul Patrols Streets with Robots

Interesting approach but unlikely to be tolerated today in the West. 

Self-Driving Robot Patrols Seoul Streets

EuroNews, Roselyne Min, November 19, 2022

South Korea has launched its first autonomous urban patrol robot, which patrols the streets of Seoul in search of dangerous situations. HL Mando, which developed "Goalie," said the robot is like a "moving surveillance camera," able to go where fixed CCTV cameras cannot. Equipped with satellite navigation and remote sensing technology, Goalie can avoid pedestrians and obstacles. HL Mando's Young-ha Cho said, "When the robot sees a dangerous situation or hears a sound like 'help me’, the control center operates the robot to move there and can check whether it is really a dangerous situation or not." HL Mando livestreams but does not store the footage from the robot, and encrypts its communications with the control center.  ... ' 

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