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Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Next Generation Healthcare

Next-Generation Healthcare: Enabling Technologies for Emerging Bioelectromagnetics Applications

Publisher: IEEE,PDF

Asimina Kiourti; Amin M. Abbosh; Maria Athanasiou; Toni Björninen; Aline Eid; Cynthia Furse; Koichi Ito; Gianluca Lazzi; Mohamed Manoufali; Matteo Pastorino; Manos M. Tentzeris; Katrina Tisdale; Erdem Topsakal; Leena Ukkonen; William G. Whittow; Huanan Zhang; Konstantina S. Nikita

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Rapid advances in antennas, propagation, electromagnetics, and materials are opening new and unexplored opportunities in body area sensing and stimulation. Next-generation wearables and implants are seamlessly providing round-the-clock monitoring. In turn, numerous applications are brought forward with the potential to ultimately transform healthcare, sports, consumer electronics, and beyond. This review paper provides a comprehensive overview, discusses challenges and opportunities, and indicates future directions for: (a) enabling technologies needed to make body area sensing and stimulation a reality, and (b) emerging bioelectromagnetics applications that may readily benefit from such technologies.

Published in: IEEE Open Journal of Antennas and Propagation ( Volume: 3)  .. ' 

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