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Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Italy Bans Facial, Non Policing Related AI

The breadth of this is interesting, more strict than EU it seems?

Italy Outlaws Facial Recognition Tech, Except to Fight Crime


By Elvira Pollina; Federico Maccioni, November 14, 2022

Italy has banned the use of facial recognition technology and "smart glasses," except when such technologies play a role in judicial investigations or the fight against crime. The country's Data Protection Agency issued a rebuke to two municipalities experimenting with the technologies, and said facial recognition systems using biometric data will not be allowed until a specific law is adopted, or at least until the end of next year. Under EU and Italian law, the processing of personal data by public bodies using video devices is generally allowed on public interest grounds, and when linked to the activity of public authorities. However, the agency noted, municipalities that want to use such devices will have to secure "urban security" agreements with central government representatives.

In Reuters

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