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Saturday, July 03, 2021

On Autodesk Tandem

My continued look at Autodesk's Tandem Digital Twin Solution.  Look for more posts here on digital twins.


Autodesk Tandem

Autodesk Tandem™ digital twin solution is here to free the data, to organize the data, and to standardize the data. The platform enables project teams to deliver an effortless handover, resulting in smarter operations for owners.

What is Autodesk Tandem?

This platform harnesses BIM data to create a digital twin of a facility. At the end of a project, your team can deliver to owners a comprehensive digital handover of easily accessible and insightful data that makes for ready-to-go operations.

Diagram of building phases: plan, design, build and operate.

How does Autodesk Tandem work?

It federates the data created during a project into one comprehensive digital replica. From planning to operations, it enables project teams to specify and capture data throughout a project’s lifecycle, so they can deliver a digital handover to the owner for better facility operations.

How does Autodesk Tandem help your project teams?

The digital solution empowers AEC firms to harness data. About 80% of the lifetime cost of a facility is in operations. By harnessing all the data created during a project, you deliver more value to customers. Autodesk Tandem enables more efficient operations, reduces waste, and lowers maintenance costs.

What goes into creating a digital twin handover?

Autodesk Tandem allows for a more integrated workflow involving the following stages:

1. Specify  Set up, track, manage, and define the data requirements most relevant to your project and organize them to best suit your needs.

2. Capture  Collect and aggregate the data required for your digital handover from all involved project teams and contributors into one digital hub.

3. Verify Validate that all the data is complete and accurate for an effortless digital handover.  ... '

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