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Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Web Squared: an Internet of Things

Good piece in the ReadWriteWeb on the the concept of WebSquared, or the intersection of Web 2.0 and the Internet of things. Commenting on the O'Reilly - Battelle paper on this topic. I was introduced to the internet of things at MIT maybe ten years ago and always thought it was one of the cleverest and potentially powerful directions. Yet it seems to have slipped in its implementation over those years. Yes, there are good examples out there, but just not that many 'things' have been wired up to the Internet as yet.

Only with decision-making people, with time on their hands and a general device to use like a laptop or phone, have we seen an explosion of connectedness. We still need our intelligence, however limited, to engage and further this broad linkage. Perhaps this will require an AI application to drive it home.

Can we make the things involved want the connection?

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