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Friday, August 28, 2009

Location-Aware Home Screen on IPhone

It is reported in ReadwriteWeb that Apple is patenting the idea of a location-aware home screen for the IPhone. Imagine a home screen that would show a map, local restaurants, weather, sights, local promotional offers based on your own personal interests that would change as you travel. Good idea, and especially that it might be chosen as a on-top page to alert you. A kind of choice-based augmented reality. Patenting does not mean it is particular novel idea, or that they will deliver it, but worth seeing.

The article also correctly and critically points out that many of the IPhone's own applications, like weather and maps, are not automatically location-aware. This could be a first pointer in that direction.

Pointing also to a concept we demonstrated in mock-up for a long time, you could make such a system location-aware in the sense that it has information about the particular layout of a retail store you are in, and provide a map and search capability there. Not a new idea, but powerful. Now that IPhones have a considerable market share, it could be profitable to have retailers subscribe to such a service.

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