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Monday, August 24, 2009

DotSpot and the Wisdom of Crowds

Interesting Piece out of Knowledge@Wharton:

Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Farhad Mohit: DotSpots and the Wisdom of Crowds
Entrepreneur Farhad Mohit is hardly resting on his laurels, although he could. In 1996, he launched BizRate, a consumer rating site, and then in 2004, Shopzilla, a shopping search engine. His latest venture is DotSpots, a service that lets people update the news in real-time with dots, or distributed objects of thought. These could include mini-blog posts containing text, videos, images, documents, perspectives from the blogosphere or eye-witness accounts from the scene. Mohit talked with Knowledge@Wharton about DotSpots, the publishing industry, the wisdom of crowds, what he learned from his previous successes and the importance of finding the right team, among other topics.... '

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