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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Shopper Path to Purchase

ARF Chief Research Officer Joel Rubinson posts about shopper path to purchase:

' ... Understanding “Path to Purchase” will change marketing and media priorities. In most cases, it is likely to increase the budget for search, comparison shopping, and particularly in-store shopper marketing vs. using a media habits approach because those places don’t have a big share of media time but they are where the “lean-forward” action is. Shopper insights research shows that, for many products, 50% or more of purchases and brand choices are decided on right in the store. For such products, to put it in terms that media planners can relate to, shopper marketing is like recency on steroids ... '.
Also be sure to see the first comment on the post, where Dave Katz of ClientOne describes the solution that he has developed for exactly this kind of problem. Have pointed to this approach here before, it is worth another look.

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