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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Four Technologies that are Reshaping BI

From Computerworld: 4 Technologies That Are Reshaping Business Intelligence:

Next-generation BI is being formed by predictive analytics, real-time monitoring, in-memory processing, and SaaS. By Doug Henschen...' . Some good points, though predictive analytics is very broad, including lots of individually important components that could be treated separately.

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Mark Montgomery said...

Franz, I agree with you- a general statement that is too easy to make. One of the interesting lessons of the financial crisis was that predictions are only as good as the data available. It was easy to predict the housing bubble deflation; impossible to predict the affects simply because the amount of leverage wasn't known. The inability to predict this one macro issue well obviously made most other predictions meaningless-- particularly in some industries. It was also a good argument for conservative fiscal management, and for me a fatal blow generally to conventional wisdom of LBOs.

The essential issue is with collecting valuable data which can then be crunched, and that requires focus on the organization itself, how it functions, culture management, and innovation.