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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Augmented Reality on the IPhone

The idea continues to creep forward. I had an accidental introduction to it recently at the beach doing some star watching. An application called Star Walk lets you take the an image of the constellations and raise it up to the sky. The accelerometer adjusts the position of the stars, and the compass direction you are pointing. You can then line the images up to individual stars and planets. Then click-through to much more information ... living in a richer, augmented reality. Brought a smile to my face ... what I had wanted for many years was on the threshold.

That's an almost trivial example, but imagine the same thing in retail linked to other kinds of sensor data ... GPS, wifi triangulation, RFID, etc. The idea of really augmenting your personal reality with data and interaction becomes richer. I am also working with some clients with related problems that could use this same kind of application for public safety capabilities.

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