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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Is Branding Dead?

Interesting Roger Dooley post on the relevance of branding? Do our brains say that branding is still very relevant? Not dead? I would also say so, our intelligence uses all sort of short-cuts and complexity decreasing means to classify and shortcut our thinking. Many of these methods don't necessarily work as well in our current environments, but they are still in place. So branding, marketing and merchandising will work better to the extent that we use some of these sometimes ancient methods encoded inside our heads.

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Mark Montgomery said...

A similar discussion is underway at the economist. After a decade of marketing consulting, followed by publishing, which included I think the first self-guided marketing system, I engaged with the AMA on this topic.

The problem with the debate is that so many of those debating it are deeply conflicted-- as the linked post reveals-- 'it must be authentic'. Well then, as one poster at the economist points out, that would not be a mind influence action, but a supporting role.

Branding has never worked like the advertising industry has claimed-- I tested hundreds of situations-- other than very brief, often failed ill advised campaigns backed by those with very short bonus fuses.

Long story short, I have often advised business builders to employ the verb branding in product development, using advertising to support the brand reputation. I've yet to regret giving that advice, although I have run into hundreds of spin doctors claiming otherwise. I do my best to avoid them- the debate does speak to skill sets of managers and tells a CEO what they should be doing.