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Sunday, August 30, 2009

View Of German Processus Semantic Project

Mark Montgomery sends this along:

" A video from ICE '08 on the German government/ SAP project that looks to be the closest competitor to Kyield I've seen to date. Certainly not identical, although the understanding of the need, potential, and threat to SAP if they don't seize the opportunity is similar ... ":

" ... the demand for more interoperability of data, systems and thus organizations. PROCESSUS as a particular project of the German national funded high-tech-initiative THESEUS has the objective to create an IT-based corporate system that will allow companies to compare products, solutions and details of business associates, as well as locating the complex and sometimes obscure specialist information needed by employees whose work involves high-density knowledge bases. The research teams are also aiming to develop a basic semantic platform that will integrate a company's internal planning of resources with management of the digital content of agile business processes. ... "

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