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Thursday, July 05, 2018

Was there a GE Model, and What Killed it?

I was impressed by what I saw at GE in a number of interactions, they have been mentioned in this blog from a tech perspective a number of times.  Is it just because the tech has not yet clicked?  This piece was enlightening to me.  Sharing capabilities in tech requires setting good standards.  Saw this, but not universally.   In the newer still emergent tech they are doing very well to provide goals and paths to achieve them.

Who Killed the GE Model?
By Benjamin Gomes-Casseres in the HBR

Who killed GE?

Of course, GE is not dead, and it may well revive and flourish as a company. After all, IBM came back from the dead in the 1990s. But the GE model is dead — and there’s a long list of possible suspects.

The GE conglomerate combined a wide range of industrial businesses under one roof. Unlike a pure holding company or a modern hedge fund, the GE model intended to create value by actively sharing capabilities among its disparate businesses, which, with one important exception, were all rooted in manufacturing. .... " 

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