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Monday, July 09, 2018

Potential AI Disruption in Industries

A good set of examples in industries.  Not very much detail, in fact speculation as to direct use in many cases.  Still useful to think about their implications.  Even if AI, in the sense of Machine Learning,  cannot address these cases, it shows a vulnerability that is still there for other technology.    Remember that digitization and analytics by itself can be disruptive.

A snapshot of AI disruption in 27 industries by Entefy

A report from McKinsey estimated that as much as $12 billion was invested globally in artificial intelligence technologies during 2016, including projects focused on machine learning, natural language processing, computer vision, and autonomous vehicles. That figure cuts across industries, and in real-world terms represents thousands of individual R&D projects. 

Unless you’re closely monitoring developments in artificial intelligence, you probably learn about new AI technologies one headline at a time. “New AI system beats champion Go player” or “Advanced AI improves doctors’ diagnoses.” That sort of thing. 

But you can get a much better sense of the scope and diversity of newly emerging AI technologies by learning about a lot of them at once. In this case, 27 different projects transforming 27 different industries. Which is what our research has produced, as you’ll see below.

News of a single AI technology can be pretty exciting, even inspiring. Understanding the diversity and vision of dozens of them underscores just how powerfully transformative this current generation of AI technologies already is, or will soon be.

Here’s our roundup of disruptive AI technologies being designed, built, or deployed in 27 different industries: .... "   (List of 27 industries follows) 

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