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Tuesday, July 03, 2018

Linking Robotic Process Automation with AI

Have been spending some time looking at how RPA can be derived from business process models.  Its natural to think how AI/machine-Learning could also drive the associated processes from patterns found in existing or proposed process.   Starting with simple screen scraping, and beyond to work flow.  Here is a starting point:

AI is becoming the nucleus of intelligent apps for robotic process automation by James Kobielus in SiliconAngle

Robotic process automation, software that emulates how people carry out tasks in a process, is becoming one of the principal enterprise use cases for artificial intelligence.

Established RPA solution providers are becoming prominent players in the cloud application development arena. Chief companies in this segment — which include Automation Anywhere Inc., BlackLine Inc., Blue Prism Group, Kofax Inc., Pegasystems Inc. and UiPath — are blurring the already fuzzy lines among RPA, business process orchestration, Web content management, edge computing and application development. And most of them now emphasize the depth of their solution portfolios’ AI capabilities.

When we speak of AI in an RPA context, the discussion has traditionally been focused on the technology’s use in inferring an application’s underlying logic from artifacts that are externally accessible at the client level. In this regard, machine learning and other AI tools typically drive the screen scraping of user interface presentation elements, optical character recognition of onscreen text, autosensing of browser-level control and domain object models, capture of human-user keystrokes and clicks, understanding of natural-language text and parsing of document object models  .... " 

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