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Sunday, July 08, 2018

Duplex AI and the Call Center

Google is for now denying that Duplex will take over the enterprise call center.  And you should ask if just sounding and acting like a human is enough to make such a chatbot more valuable.   As I have often said, having a memory, an architecture for solving problems in context,  a means to adapt to the interaction and continuous updating from history,  are probably most useful.  And of course, also handing off a problem to any agent, human or otherwise, who is more likely to solve the problem.    Fooling the caller into thinking the chat agent is human is not by itself very useful.  Google, please do keep working on it, and place it on your assistants to test.

Google’s Duplex AI could kill the call center in Quartz by Dave Gershgorn

The robots on the other side of the customer support line could soon start to sound a lot more human.

Google is reportedly shopping its Duplex AI system around as a tool for call centers, according to The Information, including a large insurance company.

Duplex would handle simple calls for the insurance company, and if the customer started asking complex questions the bot can’t handle a human would step in, according to the report. However, it’s unlikely that AI research will cease after mastering simple conversations, meaning call centers could one day be largely automated using this technology. ... " 

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