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Monday, July 02, 2018

Digital Trends looks at Google Duplex

A yet closer look at the controversial approach.  My opinion, this attempts to make the conversation and its components and goal directions autonomous.   That is impressive.  This makes it more impressive, but also more likely to fool a human, if they don't notice any warning given.   Tne unintended consequences of that remain unclear.    Ordinary chatbots, such as those we created,  were not that flexible. 

What is Google Duplex?  By  Erika Rawes  @Erika_Tin  in Digital Trends

During Google I/O 2018, Google revealed “Google Duplex” to the world. The technology, which is both impressive and a bit on the creepy side, featured a human-sounding robot having a conversation with a person who couldn’t even tell that they were talking to a robot. The demonstration freaked some out but impressed others, including our Mobile Editor Julian Chokkattu, who got a chance to demo Duplex recently.

Google Duplex is a pretty big leap the evolution of artificial intelligence. Now, this is not to say that we’ll have human-like robots that can do the laundry or go shopping like in that movie I, Robot (at least not anytime soon). But, Google Duplex is a huge step in terms of A.I.’s ability to more naturally converse with humans. But what is it?  .... "

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