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Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Digital Persons Emerge Again

Recall our long look at using digital personas to represent brand equities, including integrating a chatbot to represent useful information to the consumer.   Our consumers reacted well to this, but the interest faded.  That  also include a personality and image that places her in the 'Uncanny Valley'. 

ANZ has birthed its first "digital person". Jamie, an AI invention styled as a 25-year-old New Zealand woman, started work on Tuesday morning.

Jamie's first job is to chat with customers on the 30 questions the bank gets asked most often by customers.  Though "she" is capable of learning, it's "moderated" learning, so customers trying to teach Jamie swear words, or bad habits, will fail.

But chatting with Jamie for a few minutes results in her dropping hints that there's something more to her than a series of rote answers.  Ask her about her weekend, and she may tell you she enjoys ice dance. ... " 

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