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Monday, July 02, 2018

Branding and Customer Purchase Behavior

Fairly obvious, but a good overview.  Especially relevant today when its easier than ever to get information about a company that is not directly controlled by the company.  Perceived behavior.

How Branding Impacts Customer Purchase Decisions  in Customerthink

We talk about company brand so much in the world of marketing that the word can start to feel slightly meaningless. Every business has a brand, every business focuses on its brand, every executive knows that keeping the brand intact is a crucial piece of customer loyalty and retention.

But the word has become so common that we rarely talk about how exactly brand identity contributes to when customers decide to make a purchase – and when they decide to avoid a company.

Customers may make a purchase – or not – based on company behavior
Social media has changed the landscape for businesses. When a business makes a mistake – reacting poorly to a customer based on the customer’s marginalization, having a high-profile customer displeased with a product, or simply consistently being a jerk on social media – customers often react swiftly and decisively. .... " 

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