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Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Gamification of Processes

Brainyard overviews Gartner statistics on the gamification of processes.  Pointing to a continuing trend.  I like the idea well applied, but have often seen it poorly done.  I am not convinced that 'badges'  work well in many contexts.  Playful perhaps, but meaningful?  It also has to take into account the cultural setting in which it is employed.  I like the idea of using some game dynamics for knowledge sharing:  ' ... . "[You can design a program so that] instead of just replying yes or no, I have to give an answer as to why it's yes or no. I have to put my reasoning behind it. And you, and 20 other people who are part of my game group, might look and see what my rationales for making my decisions are. It's a sharing--they get to see what my thinking is--but it's also a feedback on my decisions in the game. So, that element of sharing knowledge and coming to a decision about what might be a best practice is used a lot in our game design." ... '  

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