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Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Free Data Science E-Book

I was reminded of the free, in-progress data science e-book again.  Only 86 pages so far.  An interesting example of crowd sourcing technology information.  Downloadable here. A very nice idea, with lots of useful and relatively simply put how-to's are included.

" ... Our Data Science e-Book provides recipes, intriguing discussions and resources for data scientists and executives or decision makers. You don't need an advanced degree to understand the concepts. Most of the material is written in simple English, however it offers simple, better and patentable solutions to many modern business problems, especially about how to leverage big data.

Emphasis is on providing high-level information that executives can easily understand, while being detailed enough so that data scientists can easily implement our proposed solutions. Unlike most other data science books, we do not favor any specific analytic method nor any particular programming language: we stay one level above practical implementations. But we do provide recommendations about which methods to use when necessary.... " 

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