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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Byron Sharp and the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute

Byron Sharp, professor at the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute, University of South Australia, has been a long term correspondent.  My former enterprise is a major sponsor.  So I continue to get his mailings.   Note in particular his excellent book: How Brands Grow, mentioned many times here.  Also his TEDx talk.  He adds in this recent mailing that he is now tweeting, so you can follow him here.

He also links to a special issue of the Journal of Advertising Research: on Empirical Laws in Advertising that he edited. Subtitled:  What We Know About Advertising: 21 Watertight Laws for Intelligent Advertising Decisions.  This came from a 2008 conference at Wharton. A comprehensive and excellent document on the topic that I am just going through. Great content.

Also, his excellent blog and a publications list.

If you are interested in Advertising, Brands and the science of engagement, his work is a must follow, or consider sponsoring his work.

Thanks Byron.

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