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Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Free Shopper Centric e-Book

From DemandTec.  This was precisely the approach we emphasized for many years within the enterprise.  It is all about how the shopper behaves in their increasingly changing locations.  It is about the point of decision.  Personalized in the aisle, on a smartphone, on a tablet.   If you don't know the shopper, you cant influence the decision.    I like their header 'The Mythological Average Shopper'.

" .. With the explosion of mass retailing, the customer became an abstraction and all were treated the same. The turn of the century saw the advent of new, powerful technology designed to enable demand modeling, forecasting and optimization that support superior planning and performance.   Learn how next generation technology is ready to help renew our intimacy with the shopper, target our plans, and deliver competitive advantage  .... "

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