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Friday, March 23, 2012

Putting Smarts in the Smart Grid

In CACM:   I visited and presented at GE's Smart Grid Center in Atlanta last year.  They are doing some very impressive things and presenting the results to industry partners.  Still, there is considerable challenge to contribute the concept of 'smart'.    It is described as " ...  A fully automated power delivery network that monitors and controls every customer and node, ensuring a two-way flow of electricity and information between the power plant and the appliance, and all points in between. Its distributed intelligence, coupled with broadband communications and automated control systems, enables real-time market transactions and seamless interfaces among people, buildings, industrial plants, generation facilities, and the electric network. ... " .     So what does 'fully; mean here?     I saw many examples of advanced simulation, a key aspect of doing anything like this, but relatively little artificial intelligence was evident.   This article is a  good, non-technical overview.

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