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Thursday, March 08, 2012

Beauty Packaging to Link Real and Virtual Worlds

This was an area we explored at length.   During a visit to China in 2003 I saw a remarkable number of examples in retail spaces.   Now QR codes and smartphones combined can produce 'virtual spaces' anywhere the shopper is, removing some of the privacy considerations we encountered.  Multiple sensory interactions, including immersive 3D and sound are also possible.  Packaging can become a portal into aspirational experiences ... 

Beauty packaging that increases interactivity between virtual, real worlds through embedded sound, video and QR codes is set to increase globally in coming year, according to new market forecast ...  ... There is growing use of tablets and screens at point-of-sale to personalize the in-store experience. Korean brands in Myeongdong were some of the first to adopt screens and video at point-of-sale while Clinique introduced iPads for client consultations in-store. In the US, RiteAid is trialing an in-store kiosk that performs anonymous video analytics to determine the age and gender of customers standing in front of it. The Reward Centre then dispenses vouchers and customized promotions. ... "

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