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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Locately Shopper Intercept

Locately on DemandTec.   I was recently pointed to this path-to-purchase approach that I had not heard of before.   An example of an instrumented component, or sensor, that can be attached to shopper behavior.   Leading to smarter commerce.  This has been an interest of mine since the innovation center formation.  The connection to DemandTec's analytical techniques creates a whole new sphere of business analytics.

"Locately provides actionable reporting on actual path-to-purchase and shopper word-of-mouth, directly accessible from within the DemandTec network. Shoppers are invited to join Locately's 100% opt-in smartphone shopper panel. Locately's patent-pending platform then automatically detects which stores shoppers visit based on data from their mobile phones... In addition, Locately's platform sends targeted "in the moment" mobile surveys to shoppers when they are at the store, to understand what they think and why they make the choices they do....   Locately on DemandTec provides customers with insights to essential shopper behavior including:
Competitor analytics
Which rivals do my shoppers cross-shop at and why?
What is my market share of foot traffic in the channel?
When do shoppers drive past my store to go to a competitor, and vice-versa? Why does this happen? ..." 

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