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Monday, March 12, 2012

Legacy of the Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami

Mark Montgomery of Kyield writes about the legacy of the Tohuki earthquake. Its broad managerial implications and governance.  This reminds me of the preparation of our supply chain to much less catastrophic 'random' events like the Katrina hurricane.  Preparation is everything.  One approach we used was simulation modeling that included sensitivity to key breakdowns.   Causes of the loss of auxiliary power at the Japanese power plant would have been an an obvious example.  

" ... Whether psychological, social, technical, economic, or some combination thereof, it would seem that no justification for not deploying the most advanced crisis prevention systems can be left standing. Indeed, we all have a moral imperative that demands of us to rise above our bias, personal and institutional conflicts, and defensive nature, to explore and embrace the most appropriate solutions, regardless of origin, institutional labeling, media branding, or any other factor. Some crises are indeed too severe not to prevent.... " 

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