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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Fizzback Customer Feedback Channel

Eurostar experiments with Customer Feedback

The system uses Tableau Software to deliver the resulting visual intelligence.

"When considering their options, Haynes and his team trialled a system from Fizzback, a UK start-up that was acquired by Israeli software vendor NICE Systems last year, which allowed them to collect customer feedback via text message. Passengers are texted a short, two-question survey – how was the experience, and would they recommend it to a friend – and are invited to add any additional comments in the text. After a three-month trial and five months of planning, Eurostar adopted the Fizzback system. Now, each morning, a long list of customers who shared their mobile phone numbers is sent to Fizzback, which randomly picks 1500 to survey. Haynes says he gets about 150 responses every day.... " 

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