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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

SAP Seeking to Work With Startups

In the WSJ:   An article about how SAP is trying to promote its HANA methods with big data startups.   It is naturally difficult for large enterprises to work with startups.  A large company works in different time frames, and with different expectations than a small company.   In my own experience I worked with many innovation oriented startups, and had to continually remind them that the tail will have a hard time wagging the dog.  Further the large company had to be treated as a collection of silos, and you had to find the right part to fund and understand your work.   If anyone, SAP should know this dynamic, they pioneered a top down approach for getting inside the big enterprise, where they have been very successful.    An article worth reading for enterprise and startups.

" .. This week the company hosted 26 start-ups, along with several venture capitalists, at its campus in Palo Alto, Calif., to discuss “big data” and how it will change the world. SAP contacted the start-ups just three weeks ago—the company is now working in what SAP Senior Vice President Aiaz Kazi called “HANA time”—and has no investments in any of them, although it is working on a developer program and on other new programs for start-ups, including one called “Powered by SAP HANA,” that it hasn’t announced...." 

Will follow this further to see what more I can find out about this effort and report back.

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