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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Top 50 Brands in Content Marketing

Some interesting statistics about mostly very well known companies that develop online content.  Includes measures like Twitter followers, Facebook fans, Unique site visitors, inbound links and content marketing index.  Further on their methodology: 

"... The Content Marketing Index, created by Kapost's research team, scores brands on a scale of zero to 400 - with 400 representing the most strategic and successful use of content marketing. This list began with a large group of brands that are practicing content marketing and was then distilled down to a group of 75 for more rigorous analysis. That analysis included both empirical and subjective evaluation, both of which were converted into relative numerical scores. Areas of analysis included website features, search efforts, content, and social attribution. Dimensions deemed to be of greater importance were weighted more significantly in calculating the overall Content Marketing Index score.... 

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