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Sunday, March 18, 2012

How Does a Big Enterprise Deliver Data?

How does a big enterprise like Procter & Gamble securely deliver data in near real time to its decision makers?   By using a system like Business Sphere, an internally developed method of data acquisition and delivery.   How do you now get those complex data visualizations to environments as disparate as the smartphone, laptop, tablet and wall projection?   As I understand it, now available to other enterprises.   The idea started many years ago with our early experiments with executive information systems and well designed but less than successful efforts like Metaphor Computer Systems.     

I have looked at Business Sphere and talked to its developers and it is impressive.    As they describe it:  " ...  Procter & Gamble’s groundbreaking Business Sphere environment and Business Sufficiency analytic models enable the Company to be rapidly responsive to changes in the marketplace and uncover new opportunities to improve the lives of consumers. Business Sphere—built and powered by P&G’s Global Business Services (GBS)—is a visually immersive data environment that transforms decision-making at P&G by harnessing real-time business information from around the globe ... " 

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