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Wednesday, July 19, 2023

Chatbot Tutors Will Revolutionize Education

AI Expert Predicts Personalized Chatbot Tutors Will Revolutionize Traditional Education And Benefit Students   By Ev Richard On Jul 13, 2023

AI-powered chatbot tutors have the potential to revolutionize traditional education and provide students with personalized one-on-one training, according to a professor of computer science at the University of California, Berkeley. The release of ChatGPT, a chatbot that can simulate human conversation, has already gained popularity among students. As the technology continues to advance, it could significantly impact education by delivering high-quality personalized education to every child worldwide. 

Stuart Russell, a leading AI expert, believes that AI tutors could cover most educational material up to high school level, accessible through students’ devices. OpenAI is currently testing a virtual tutor program powered by GPT-4, which serves as both a student tutor and a classroom assistant. Research shows that one-on-one tutoring is two to three times more beneficial to students compared to traditional classroom learning. While there may be concerns about job displacement for teachers, Russell emphasizes the potential added value of AI tutors rather than their replacement of educators. He suggests that teachers can act as guides for small groups of students, focusing on collaborative learning, rather than teaching large classes. 

The National Education Association acknowledges the impact of AI technologies in education but emphasizes the importance of using AI to support the needs of students and educators while remaining transparent, inclusive, and unbiased. While AI can enhance education, Russell highlights the need for human involvement to preserve and improve social aspects of childhood learning. Concerns about AI include potential student indoctrination, the necessity of motivation and collaboration, and ensuring the preservation of childhood social experiences. 

The development of AI-powered chatbots for education has seen significant progress, as evidenced by ChatGPT’s ability to complete undergraduate courses with 100% accuracy. However, some criticism and concerns have been raised about potential issues with study methodology and cheating. Russell advises caution with the increased use of AI, calling for shared safety protocols and a thoughtful approach to its implementation. .... /

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