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Thursday, July 13, 2023

Get a Custom GPT

Always thought there was value in doing something like this:  Install your own corporate needs added  to an  LLM.    I have not used this as yet.  Some danger too in providing your data.   I would get some good security assurances before doing it.  

Why a custom GPT?   from MyCustomai.io

Chat GPT is very powerful and can handle many use cases. However, sometimes you need to customize it for these reasons.

Your own use case

By training your own GPT model specifically for your industry or domain, you can unlock its full potential and tap into a wealth of contextual understanding and specialized knowledge that aligns precisely with your unique requirements.


Developing a custom GPT model offers a cost-effective alternative that avoids excessive expenses tied to high-volume third-party API calls. By leveraging a self-hosted GPT model, businesses can have greater control over the associated costs and optimize their budget effectively..... ' (more details at link) 

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