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Tuesday, July 18, 2023

Your School's Next Security Guard May Be a Robot

 Likely direction forbroad security.

Your School's Next Security Guard May Be a Robot

By The Wall Street Journal

July 14, 2023

A security robot from Team 1st Technologies on patrol at Santa Fe High School.

Using artificial intelligence, the robot learns the school’s normal patterns of activity and detects individuals who are on campus after hours or are displaying aggressive behavior.

Credit: Cody Dynarski

Several technology companies have started offering security robots to U.S. schools, with the Santa Fe, NM, school district now deploying an artificial intelligence-equipped robot from Team 1st Technologies to patrol campus grounds around the clock.

Team 1st's Andy Sanchez said the robot infers normal activity patterns and detects individuals present after hours or who are acting aggressively.

Sanchez said the unarmed robot could alert security teams, approach intruders, and send video footage to inform the officers' course of action.

Stokes Robotics' Robert Stokes said his company has partnered with multiple school districts to deploy robots that could point laser beams at armed intruders and attempt to make them drop their weapons using flashing lights.

From The Wall Street Journal

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