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Sunday, July 09, 2023

AI Is Coming for Mathematics, Too?

Consider this.

AI Is Coming for Mathematics, Too

The New York Times

Siobhan Roberts, July 2, 2023

An artificial intelligence (AI)-driven transformation of mathematics looms, with former Google computer scientist Christian Szegedy forecasting computers will match or surpass human mathematicians' problem-solving ability by 2026. Terence Tao at the University of California, Los Angeles said mathematicians' concerns about AI potentially threatening mathematical aesthetics or their profession have emerged in the last several years. The University of Wisconsin-Madison's Jordan Ellenberg suggested AI gadgets could help optimize mathematicians' work. Microsoft's open source Lean proof assistant, which uses automated reasoning powered by AI, is drawing interest for its recent achievements, yet its frequent complaining of being unable to understand the mathematician's inputs makes research awkward. Geordie Williamson at Australia's University of Sydney said mathematicians and computer scientists should participate in discussions about AI's mathematical implications more aggressively.  ,,, ' 

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