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Friday, July 07, 2023

AI is Transforming Architecture. 4 top Studios Explain How

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AI is transforming Architecture. 4 top Studios Explain how   in FastCompany

From automating replicable tasks to dreaming up unthinkable concepts, architects reveal how they’re using AI to revolutionize the way they design buildings.

AI is transforming architecture. 4 top studios explain how

By Nate Berg

When generative artificial intelligence went mainstream last year in the form of easily accessible and nearly effortless image-making tools, it hit the architecture profession like a psychedelic wonder drug. Architects are in the business of translating ideas into buildings through dozens of sketches, drawings, renderings, and models. So, when tools like DALL-E 2, Midjourney and Stable Diffusion came out, they became irresistible mini-factories of design ideas, building concepts, and even photo-realistic renderings of potential projects.

Over the past year, AI has opened a door to a new visual world that has irrevocably changed the profession. And as AI tools have expanded and evolved, so have the ways architects are putting them to use. A growing number of architecture firms are now asking how these tools can help them do their work and stay in business. Few believe these tools will replace the humans in their industry, but most agree they are defining a new age of architecture.

Fast Company got a look behind the scenes at four major architecture firms practicing around the world to learn how generative AI tools are being integrated into an age-old profession. From sketching concepts to automating repetitive tasks, these firms are already putting AI to work on spaces and buildings that will one day stand in cities around the world. Here’s how AI processes are already revolutionizing the ways those spaces get designed.  ...  '

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